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Testimonials - more up to date references and recommendations can be given on request

1 August 2012

I commissioned Mrs Sewell to carry out an assessment on my child, aged 9, who has a diagnosis of ASC, hyper mobility and SPD.

I feel very fortunate to have found Mrs Sewell. In our many conversations leading up to the assessment, Mrs Sewell was always happy to advise and inform, even to the point of suggesting that I request the LA carry out the assessment she was promoting.

I found Mrs Sewell was very tuned into my child’s needs, and due to her extensive knowledge of autism knew exactly how to manage my child’s behaviours, and although had high expectations of my child, did not allow my daughter to fail. My child was relaxed and happy in Mrs Sewell’s care, and wanted to please her. The assessments were carried out in a relaxed and welcoming environment, with plenty of sensory breaks, drink opportunities and movement. Mrs Sewell respected my child’s need to fidget and get up and walk around, she was not reprimanded for interrupting or not giving eye contact. This environment made it very easy for my daughter to feel comfortable.

Overall, I am exceptionally pleased with the report provided. It’s in the most in-depth report I have about my child and has given me an insight to her difficulties in such an easy to understand way. It has also enabled me to gain more intervention and support. Without doubt this lady has supported my daughter more than any other professional.

I would highly recommend Mrs Sewell in her position as specialist teacher, her knowledge and expertise is second to none, and I for one am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet her.
With Kind Regards

Miss Roberts

October 25th 2012

Having only known Sara for a very short time, she has gained the most rapid and accurate understanding of my family and son through her incredible intuition and compassion. Sara immediately made me feel at ease and 100% supported, which has ultimately given me the confidence to stand up for what I know is right for my son. With communication difficulties and extremely high levels of anxiety, my son is reluctant to talk to unfamiliar people, however he felt completely relaxed with Sara and stated that he’d had the best day at school ever because Sara was there (this was the second time he’d met her)... I was astonished at how much he had opened up to her and what an accurate picture she had gained of him in such a short time. Sara undoubtedly has a passion for understanding the child and their needs and is dedicated to ensuring positive outcomes for them.

May 2013

Since I was introduced to Sara Sewell, my son's life (and our family's) has changed for the better. Sara has given me the inspiration and confidence to push forward for what my son needs. My son has Aspergers and Tourettes and although staff at school have seen his Tourettes tics, they have not picked up on his anxieties and sensory issues related to his Aspergers. This is because my son is quite a Jeckyll and Hyde - very well behaved, compliant and quiet at school gaining high marks but as soon as he leaves school his stress comes out and his behaviour can be difficult and aggressive towards his immediate family. As he is so good at hiding his emotions at school, his teacher and others felt he was fine there. However they realised after reading Sara's detailed lengthy report that my son was not fine. Since Sara discussed her report in a meeting at school, I am very pleased to say that school have taken her points onboard and are proactively putting her recommendations into place. Without Sara's expertise and input this would never have happened. In order to produce such an accurate report, Sara observed my son at home, in the park and at school; she also carried out assessments and was calm and reassuring with my son building up a good rapport with all of us. Sara was very thorough and knowledgeable and always made us feel at ease. Even now she has completed her report, she is still always ready to listen and is still very supportive. Sara really does put 100% effort and commitment into helping us and I would highly recommend her to any other family who need support and active involvement from a Specialist teacher in helping their child(ren) get what they need in order to reach their full potential.
Mother of child aged 9

June 2013

Sara’s report, which was with me the day after her observations and assessment in school, was very thorough and provided an extremely accurate picture of our son’s strengths and difficulties, clearly recommending practical and achievable strategies for home and school, as well as making suggestions for further interventions and assessments from relevant professionals. From feeling like a parent lost in the system, knowing my son needed help but unsure of what help or how to get help, Sara has ensured that I am now an empowered parent, confident about my son’s needs and how to move forward to get the diagnosis, statement and provisions he needs. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough, she has been the most amazing support to me and my son, and her input has been a real turning point or us as a whole family.
Mrs W mother of child aged 10.

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