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About me


I am a Specialist Teacher with around 15 years of teaching experience. I have worked in a range of different schools including mainstream and Special Needs. I have spent time working for a local authority Learning and Behaviour Support service where I built up extensive knowledge of learning and behaviour difficulties as well as SEN processes. I have postgraduate qualifications in special needs and behaviour management and I am also an accredited Assertive Discipline trainer and I have just been accepted onto an MA in Autism and Asperger's Syndrome course.

I chose to change my role from working for Local Authorities after learning that my own children have special educatonal needs which meant that I needed to adjust my working life in order to manage their complex needs. Having spent the last 4 years working mostly with families I have seen how many children there are in the education system who are finding school challenging for a number of reasons. In previous class teaching roles I took a keen interest in Special Educational Needs but it is important to note that not all class teachers have the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to meet the needs of all learners; class teachers cannot be expected to be experts in all areas; Special Educational Needs is a very detailed and specialist area. There are also huge demands put on class teachers by the government - not to mention funding cuts affecting all children - which focus more on target setting and statistics than looking at the whole child. Teachers' time is precious and the pressures of the curriculum can be constraining.

My philosophy has never changed; I believe that all children are individuals who should be approached as such. I believe that parents are the font of knowledge about their child and if they have any concerns it is essential parental concerns are listened to. I feel strongly that children should only be compared to their own possibilities and not to government statistics; if a child is not reaching their potential then we need to find the reasons for this in order to work out the solutions.

My goal is to ensure that every child I work with receives the right amount of support to help them to achieve their potential. I work hard to collaborate with everyone involved with the child to enable them full access to the school curriculum (hidden and academic). I work under the premise that all behaviour occurs for a reason and it is my job to help discover that reason and put interventions into place which will address any underlying difficulty, be it academic or otherwise.


  • Eight years' class teaching experience in mainstream and special schools

      • Co-ordinating roles in Art, Behaviour Management and Gifted & Talented Children

          • Leadership roles in mainstream settingsĀ 

              • Two-and-a-half years working as a specialist teacher for a Local Authority Learning and Behaviour Support advisory service

                  • Close working relationships with educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, autism outreach teams and paediatricians

                      • Trained Lead Professional in the CAF process

                          • Positive outcomes for many children and familes

                              • CRB checked and safe-guarding policy available
                              • 4 years working as an Independent Consultant Specialist teacher
                              • Attendance at SENDIST tribunals as an expert witness
                              • Attendance at and contribution towards mediation and conflict resolution.
                              • All certificates, proof of qualificaitons and documents available on requiest.

Tel. 07702808338

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